AMAZING Wi-Fi water leak detector!


A few years ago a large chunk of wet ceiling landed right in front of me on my coffee table. I was astonished, to say the least. I jumped up and crawled into the attic to find my Air Conditioner condensate pan overflowing. The drain was clogged and all the humidity removed by the unit had overflowed onto the drywall on the ceiling. It’s true that drywall and water don’t like each other.

Just that minor leak cost me thousands of dollars to repair, and I lost precious belongings and furnishings. The worst part was, I lost my peace of mind! I started worrying about leaks every time I left the house. I would have paid HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS to make sure it didn’t happen again. I was so upset, I immediately designed a way to get notified if it happened again.

I’m Monica Martino, an inventor with 53 patents, and I spent the next 2 years designing and testing an awesome leak detector. Of course, I looked at what was available on the market. There are little devices that make a noise. Well, that wouldn’t have helped. And what if I was gone when it happened? How would I hear it? There are devices sold with security systems. But, I already had a system, and the other systems only give you one device that connects to that system. Where would I put one device? I have LOTS of places where water might leak.

Here’s my list:

All sinks.

All toilets.

Washing machine.

Dish washer.

Ice maker in refrigerator.

Water heater.


And the dreaded A/C condensate pan.

There are other devices out there, too. Most require an expensive hub to work. Or require a plumber to install. Or only alert a single user.

Ok. So, we know this works and will tell us when there’s a problem. But, leaks don’t happen that often, right?



And, what is your deductible? You have to cover that amount if you have a claim, and your premium will probably increase. All bad news if you don’t find the leak fast! Which is why your insurance company may give you a hefty DISCOUNT on your premium for having leak detectors. That may be enough to cover the cost of all the MyLeaks you need. Did you already have a leak? Do you think it will be your last? NO ONE would be so unlucky that they would have more than one disaster in their home or office. Right? Really? How much time, money, and aggravation did that FIRST leak cost you? Want to do it again? Or, would you rather have the security of knowing you can catch leaks BEFORE they become that same awful disaster. Did you have to leave your house while it was repaired? What fun!


How long do the batteries last?

Lithium batteries are INCLUDED with MyLeak and they last up to 5 years!

How do I know it’s working?

Once it is installed use a little water on the 2 pins underneath. The server will contact you promptly. Let it dry out and the server will send you an OK. You get an OK on installation, too.

What if it quits working?

MyLeak wakes up once a day for a few seconds and contacts the server. If the server doesn’t hear from a device for 48 hours, it sends an alert saying “No Internet”.

How do I know when to change the batteries?

When MyLeak contacts the server, it sends a battery status. When it gets low, the server sends a “Low Battery” alert.

How many do I need?

We suggest one at every water source. Place at the lowest point near the source. See the list above for suggestions.

Can I use an iPhone to install?

You can use any device with WiFi capability. Phones, pads, tablets, desktops all work for installation.

Will it work in a really hot attic?

Yes. MyLeak was tested to 175 degrees F. Of course it works down to 32 degrees F, at which point the water is now ice and will be detected once it melts a little.

How big are they?

MyLeak is 3.5 inches in diameter and 2 inches high. Fits practically anywhere.

Is my personal information safe?

We sell leak detectors, not data. Anything on our server is confidential and protected by firewalls. We won’t sell it.

How do I know you know what you’re doing here?

Well, here is my LinkedIn profile. What do you think?

Monica’s Profile

Many years ago, I had the most wonderful canine companion. I found her at the shelter. She was absolutely an Omega dog. She regarded every person and all other animals as superior to her. So, she exposed her belly a LOT. The one, framed, precious photo of her on her back with her pink tongue lolling out was on that coffee table. Irreplaceable. What do you have that would break your heart to lose? MyLeak can help protect all your precious memories, furnishings, heirlooms, and all those irreplaceable things YOU own. Let me tell you the story of Alex. A long time apartment dweller, Alex lived on the first floor of a 3 story unit. One day, while Alex was at work, the apartment above that unit had the refrigerator line to the icemaker break. After a few minutes the water gushing from upstairs found its way into Alex’s kitchen. Luckily Alex had a MyLeak under the refrigerator. And, one of the contacts on the MyLeak server was the complex’s maintenance team. They rushed over, found the cause and saved the day! Can you picture the relief Alex felt?I have MyLeaks everywhere. Just a few weeks ago, that same pesky air conditioner pan clogged up again! Well, no disaster because MyLeak alerted me and I cleared the drain before any damage occurred.

Even though we can save you thousands of dollars, and have spent years developing this,

$80 per device is just too much.